From the author of the award-winning 'Queen of Muck' comes a brand new story full of adventure, laughs and characters you’ll love or love to hate.

About the Author

Isaac Thackray wrote this book while sitting on an uncomfortable metal stool near the kitchen window. 

He has written a lot of things on that stool and near that window. 

He’d be happy to list them but you might keel over from boredom. 

And so might he. 

Then you’d both be laying there unconscious and someone could come along and pick your pockets.

I’m not sure how that would be for you, but for Isaac it would be no good at all. 

Authors need all the money they can get.

Review of 'Queen of Muck'

'Mix together a cup of Narnia, a large spoonful each of The BFG and Fantastic Mr Fox and then stir in some Badjelly the Witch, and you’re coming close to this wonderful adventure – Queen of Muck.

Narrated in a storyteller format, Queen of Muck is exciting, funny, with a truly nasty villain and a group of brave heroes willing to do anything to rescue their loved one. It’s not all straight forward good vs evil, though. Some characters have to dig deep to find their courage, whether to face Queen Muck for the first time or to stand up against her and risk her threats of the tower.

Illustrations are scattered through the pages and some sounds are emphasized by bold fonts or capital texts.

A thoroughly readable, enjoyable, and fantastical adventure. I can just imagine Spike Milligan reading this aloud, putting on all the voices of the characters. Loved it.'